Little pieces of joy
uniquely created, designed
and handmade in Belgium

How it started.

A few years ago, life was less kind to me (Joline). An auto immune disease tackled all my future dreams. #guillainbarresyndrome
But when everything falls away, there is also room for beautiful new things!
During rehabilitation,
my creativity and my curiosity for materials came together.
I bought myself a laser cutter and started creating earrings. And I haven't stopped since!

I am very happy that our products can also be a little moment of hapiness for you today!
So you can be yourself on the good days and the not so good days.


No mass production, but creations made by our own team with an eye for detail, craftmanship and a heart full of love.
1. The world is our inspiration: nature, travel, culture, architecture, fashion, ...
2. My sketchbook is always close to me so I can turn my ideas into lines and shapes anytime, anywhere.
3. Our laser machine named Bob, cuts the shapes out of carefully selected materials.
4. Hanne connects the different parts with great care and attention to detail, together with our flexis Jolien, Ilke and Lynn.

5. The Studio Nok Nok earring is now ready to be shipped. Directly to you, or with a stopover at a local retail store, where the owner is eager to advise you.


Each piece gets a lot of of our personal attention and goes through our hands a number of times.
That means something can go wrong from time to time.

Do you have a comment on the quality? We are happy to take responsibility and work out a solution together with you.


We do not only have an eye for style and quality, but also for the ethical impact of our business. We guard our values and standards throughout the whole process: from design to the moment our products end up in your ears.

1. Our earrings are handmade in our atelier in Mechelen (Belgium).
2. Sun, rain, snow? We drive to our atelier by bike.
3.  We do not build large stocks of our jewellery and towards the end of a collection, we choose to produce on demand.
4. We use recycled acrylic whenever possible. You can find the materials used for each product on our website.
5. We send the leftover sheets back to the manufacturer, who turns them into new acrylic sheets.
6. We reuse the shipping boxes and padding materials in which our boxes arrive.
7. Every year, we support a charity close to our heart.

Thank you for being part of our story. Together we will continue to inspire, create and shine!


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